Our Availability shows the varieties, sizes, and quantities of plugs we have available now and what we can supply in 2024. For your convenience, it can be downloaded and used as an Order Form. Be sure to select the year that you are ordering for from the drop-down to see the appropriate pricing.
The availability for plugs and pots are separated into two different sheets in the file.

Please note that for both availabilities if the variety is in red it is sold out for 2024. Some varieties in black will have “0” available, but that usually means that we can produce more if needed. If you aren’t sure about the availability of a certain variety, please contact us and we can let you know.

Availability Form

Ordering Guidelines

  • Plugs are shipped in full trays only and are available in plug sizes of 72, 50, and 40 plants per tray as indicated on the order form. For example, if you require 200 plugs of a 72 size please order 216 plants (3 trays). Each tray consists of one variety – no mixed trays.

  • 1L pots must be ordered 10/tray per variety · 15cm pots must be ordered 8/tray per variety · 1 gallon PROVEN WINNERS pots and 2 gallon pots may be ordered individually

  • We are licensed producers of many patented grasses. Where applicable, the royalty cost is listed in parenthesis beside the list price. For the total plant price add the list price and the royalty cost.

  • Each plug tray comes with a 1” x 5” white stick tag printed with the scientific name of the plant in that tray. Picture tags are available at $0.18/ea. Please indicate on the order form if picture tags are required.

  • All 1L, 15cm, and 2 gallon pots come with a picture tag included in the price.

  • Volume discounts are for plug orders only. The discount is applied to the base cost of the plant – packing, freight, labels, patent fees, and any other additional charges are excluded. This is the breakdown of our volume discounts:

      • 25-49 trays……….…..6% discount
      • 50-99 trays……….…..8% discount
      • 100-149 trays………..10% discount
      • 150-199 trays………..12% discount
      • 200+ trays……………14% discount

Can’t find the variety you are looking for? Our product list can look a little different from year to year, so if you don’t see a variety or size that you are interested in, let us know and we would be happy to discuss some custom growing options with you.

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